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Flue Boost 800 Boiler Fan

Price: 2,166.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Availability: Not a stock product. See full product description.

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The Flueboost 800 Boiler model will handle flue gases at up to 300°C and boilers with heat outputs up to 800,000 Btu/h; 235Kw/h, dependant on size and length of flue. (Normal secondary flue temperatures of the average gas appliance working at 75% efficiency are 180°C with a CO² at 5%).

Motor Cooling
The motor is variable speed and has an centrifugal rotor with secondary cooling impeller, Class F windings and maintenance free sealed ball bearings with adequate lubrication to ensure reliable operation for many years.

Pressure Switch
The pressure switch has contacts which close with airflow and open if flue becomes blocked or fan failure.

Installation and Maintenance
Full instructions on installation and operating come with the unit. If service or repairs are required the working parts can be removed as a sub assembly without disturbing the main case.

A plug-in electrical connector is supplied. This is multi-pin fitted with a five core colour coded lead: Brown-permanent live; Blue-permanent neutral; Green and Yellow-earth; White-switch live from thermostat to fan (dashed line in diagram); Black-switched live from fan to boiler.

Time Delay
The fan has variable pre-purge and post-purge periods of approx 30 sec to 3 minutes. This is to purge the appliance of any gases before ignition and after the boiler shuts down. Gas fire models have no pre or post-purge.

The unit is constructed from mill finish grade 304 stainless steel.

This appliance must have a draught diverter or draught stabiliser fitted within the primary flue section.

Flueboost 800 Specification Sheet

Flue Boost chimney fans are drop shipped directly from Flue Boost to you.

Please contact us before ordering, as delivery times can be substantial during busy periods.
Quick Look
Electrical Details 220/240 volt; Single phase; 195 watt.
Starting Current 1.5 amp.
Running Current 0.7 amp.
Fuse Unit fuse on control unit PCB
Sound Level Varies with speed of fan
Weight 18.2 Kg

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