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Chimney Cleaning Log - Pack of 8 Logs

Price: 73.66 (Including VAT at 20%)

Availability: Generally in stock

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Chimney Cleaning Log

Price: 9.80

If you are burning wood, then your chimney will be building up harmful deposits of tar and creosote, which can be major causes of chimney fires. When you burn the chimney cleaning log, its mixture of special minerals coat and adhere to the creosote in your chimney. The minerals are working to reduce the tar and creosote and so the potential for a chimney fire diminishes.

The Chimney Cleaning Log contains a mixture of special additives that are dispersed during the process of burning. The additives are released through the smoke and adhere to the creosote. Over a period of 2 weeks a chemical reaction will take place and the creosote in your chimney may become brittle and begin to flake away.

As you continue to burn wood during this 2 week period, the heat from the fires will treat the creosote and may cause the creosote to disperse as a fine powder or break away from the chimney wall and fall back into the firebox in the form of small particles.

After using the Chimney Cleaning Log, remaining chimney deposits are rendered more brittle and easier to remove. It is therefore recommended to assist mechanical sweeping.

Free insurance
So confident are the manufacturers of the Chimney Cleaning Log, that every single log comes with free insurance against chimney fires. Use every 60 fires (once or twice a season) or as needed.

The Problem
When wood is burned, the combustion process is never complete. The smoke from a wood fire usually contains a dark brown or black substance which has a smoky odour. This tar like substance is called creosote and is found nearly everywhere in a wood heating system.

Wood has different characteristics - certain types of wood release more heat than others. Hardwoods such as Oak are denser than softer woods such as pine. Hardwoods will burn longer. Unseasoned 'green' wood will burn with difficulty and produce more creosote.

Over time, the creosote from wood fires builds up inside your chimney or flue. Creosote is a flammable material which can ignite causing a fire in your chimney.

The Results
The Chimney Cleaning Log has been independently tested OMNI Test Laboratories. Images from the test can be seen below.

Pipe with significant
creosote build up
Same flue pipe, 8 days &
4 wood fires after using the
Chimney Cleaning Log
Same flue pipe, 15 days &
8 wood fires after using the
Chimney Cleaning Log
80% of the CCL treatment is done during the following 5 days. The CCL treatment continue for 15 days.

Use with wood burning appliances
The Chimney Cleaning Log is suitable for use with the following wood burning appliances:- wood burning stoves, furnaces, inserts, gas starter fireplaces, wood/coal stoves, wood/oil mixed stoves, boilers and fireplaces.

Easy to Use
Simply burn 1 or 2 of these clever little logs in your Fireplace or Woodstove and sit-back and let the log start working on the deposits in your chimney. Treats and reduces the build-up of creosote and volatile organic compounds in your chimney.

Helps prevent chimney fires
The Chimney Cleaning Log attacks the creosote in your chimney which is a major factor in chimney fires.

Does the Chimney Cleaning Log mean no more Chimney Sweep ?
Certainly not ! Regular chimney inspections are always recommended. The Chimney Cleaning Log is not able to tell whether a chimney is blocked or has any kind of structural damage. Therefore The Chimney Cleaning Log does not take the place of inspection or professional cleaning. It should be considered more as an aid to mechanical sweeping.

Material Safety Data Sheet for the Chimney Cleaning Log

Customer Reviews

  I'd buy them again  Hello Thank you for the Chimney Cleaning Logs, very pleased with the product and I'd buy them again.   (02/09/2016) Marilyn Maciver -

  Chimney cleaning log  great price arrived quickly, work great   (08/02/2016) tim - leeds

  chimney cleaning logs  'does what it says on the packet' - thanks for super quick delivery   (07/12/2015) -

  Woodburning stove  Before installing a wood burning stove I had no problems keeping the chimney clean by using brushes. The stove restricted this and left a large wide section of chimney which collected soot etc and resulted in a serious chimney fire. Since using CCl absolutely no problems   (12/10/2016) John Marsh - Midlothian

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