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H Chimney Cowl - St/St Grade 316 - Solid Fuel - 150mm

Price: 67.50  RRP £112.50 (Including VAT at 20%)


The H Cowl is probably the ultimate static anti downdraught chimney cowl, as it completely isolates the combustion gases from the prevailing winds.

Manufactured using high quality stainless steel grade 316 makes this H Cowl suitable for use with appliances fired by oil or solid fuel. Please note that this H Cowl is NOT suitable for use with appliances fired by gas. Please see the gas versions that we have available.

Suitable for use with 150mm internal diameter pipes.

Fitting Instructions
The H cowl has a shaft which is just slightly under the diameter of the cowl, so for example, a 125mm H Cowl will have a shaft with a diameter of around 120mm. It then slides inside the chimney or flue system.

Fitting to a prefabricated chimney system
Slide the cowl inside the chimney system. Secure in place with stainless steel self tapping screws and seal with a high temperature silicone or sealant.

Fitting to a masonry chimney stack or pot
Slide inside the chimney or pot and mortar in place.

Customer Reviews

  Great product  Great product, perfect replacement for corroded old flue. Thank-you very much!   (01/02/2014) -

  Great pice of kit  The H cowl sorted our down draft problem a treat Fast delivery from this company   (01/02/2014) G Mackie - Orkney

  150mm H Cowl = Spot On  The help / sales line was most helpful in advising what I needed. The size of the unit was a surprise but this is well outweighed by its performance as even in the strongest gale I get no down draft what so ever, no more smoky evenings since installation. Also fits like a glove into our duplex flue   (08/02/2016) John Ansell - N;hants

  Brilliant!!!!!  Cured the problem straight away. First class service, Thank You.   (10/02/2017) Allan - Isle of Man

  Good product  With a reducer and some tapping screws it will always fit at any diameter. I'm very satisfied with the working of the H Cowl   (04/03/2013) Henk eggink - Netherlands

  Excellent service and product quality  I have a house on a very windy spot in spain. I tried all shapes and sizes of cowls. The H-shape did the trick.   (11/11/2013) Andy - Spain

  Guaranteed Solution at a Price  The H cowl is going to prevent any downdraught, no question, as the combustion gasses and prevailing wind are completely isolated from each other. The downsides are that it's physically large and, ioho, ugly. There is no fixing method as such, it needs to be cemented in place. Does the job though.   (07/05/2011) fluesystems.com - High Wycombe

  Great Product Solved the Problem  We have a Villager wood burner and live in a valley surrounded by trees, the flue pipe is lower than the ridge of the house. We have suffered blow back smoke in the room particularly at low burn. I fitted the H Cowl and this has stopped the blow back problem and has made the burner more controllable.   (04/11/2014) Phil - Dorset

  H Cowl improved but not entirely resolved blowback  Very happy with the quality of the H Cowl...... However ...It has improved the problem of blowback, down a new, external, stainless steel chimney, but unfortunately, has not solved the problem entirely. When the wind is blowing from one particular direction... I am still unable to light the stove   (31/05/2014) Lynne - Caithness

Quick Look
Suits Pipe Diameters 150mm internal
Material Stainless Steel Grade 316
Mesh Inserts No
Use With These Fuels Oil or Solid Fuel
Height (Overall) 525 mm
Width 535 mm
Height (H Section) 335 mm

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