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Fortafix Flexseal - High Temperature Red Silicone 350 Degrees C - 300ml

Price: 19.88 (Including VAT at 20%)


A cartridge applied silicone based sealant designed for use where a flexible bond is required together with high temperature resistance. This adhesive gives excellent adhesion between most substrates and, because of its high elasticity, is particularly suited for gap-filling applications and jointing materials of different thermal expansion characteristics and where vibration is a problem.

Excellent adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics, polymers etc
Gap filling and resistant to many solvents
Provides a high temperature flexible joint for flues, ducting etc
Resistant to weathering and ageing - can be used externally
Electrical insulator
Wide operating temperature range up to 350°C

Whilst most silicone based adhesives start to degrade at 150-200°C, HT Flexseal can be used at temperatures up to 350°C.

Colour:- Red
300ml cartidge

High temperature application - HT Flexseal has been specifically developed to be more temperature resistant than general purpose silicone sealants, and is suitable for use at temperatures of up to 350°C dependent on application.

Sealing - HT Flexseal remains flexible when fully cured and has large gap-filling capabilities which make it ideal for sealing applications. HT Flexseal also has excellent dielectric strength which is retained over its operational temperature range thus making it ideal for sealing industrial and domestic equipment. Typical applications include high temperature pipes and ducting, pipe connections, air conditioning units, safety switch/electrical appliance insulator etc

Gasketing - HT Flexseal silicone sealant may be used to produce 'form in place' gaskets, enabling reductions in large stock holdings of different types and sizes of gaskets. HT Flexseal silicone sealant withstands thermal cycling, vibration, and mechanical shock ensuring a high performance seal in most engineering applications while its gap-filling properties can reduce machining costs. Typical applications include form in place gaskets for crank shaft housings, sumps, gear boxes and water pumps, gas appliances, flues, pipes and ductwork.

Bonding - HT Flexseal has a high bond strength to most material and is especially suitable where large gaps need to be filled, and where materials of different thermal expansion coefficients are to be jointed. Typical applications include bonding to plastics, metals, wood, glass and ceramics.

Max. Temp:- 350°C
Application Temperature:- -50 to +60°C
Skin Time:- 10-20 minutes
Resistance to Corrosion:- Most solvents
Density:- 1.30 g/ml
Hardness:- Shore A Din53504 43
Consistency:- Non-slump
Elongation:- Din53504 380%
Dielectric Properties:- Insulator
Tensile Strength:- Din53504 2.0 N/mm²

Flexseal HT Silicone - Technical Data Sheet
Flexseal HT Silicone - Safety Data Sheet

Customer Reviews

    Perfect item for our needs, hard to find elsewhere!!!!   (08/11/2013) Mic Connors - Cheltenham

  Excellent service. Perfect item    (03/06/2014) MIC CONNORS - CHELTENHAM

  Just the product for the job  Easy to use, works well no mess   (03/12/2014) Alan Foster - LL21 0SF

  Perfect for our requirement    (03/02/2014) -

Quick Look
Cartridge Size 300 ml
Colour Red
Max Temperature 350 C

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