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Ecofan 810 UltrAir Wood Stove Fan - Black and Gold

Price: 82.80 (Including VAT at 20%)



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The Ecofan is a heat powered stove fan designed to circulate the air created by a wood or gas stove. The Ecofan has a thermoelectric module which acts as a small generator to power the fan's motor.

For more than a decade now, wood stove owners have been luxuriating in the heat and comfort generated by their Ecofans.

Increases stove's efficiency
Circulates warm air over large areas
Generates its own energy
Fan speed automatically varies with temperature
Ultra quiet operation

Ecofans are made from anodised aluminium that will not rust.

The 810 produces higher airflow over a wider range of stove surface temperatures, compared to the original 800, delivering between 15 to 90% more air at mid to low stove temperatures. It generates up to 125 cubic feet (of air) per minute.

Dimensions:- Base 121x76mm (4.75 inch x 3 inch). Height 223mm (8.75 inch) - from base to top, excluding handle. Blade diameter 200mm (8 inch)

Positioning of Stove Fans
Please be aware that stove fans need to sit at the back of the stove, to the side of the stove pipe. Do not sit any stove fan directly in front of the stove pipe, as the temperature will be too great, and could damage the fan motor.

Ecofan Leaflet
Why Buy a Stove Fan

Ecofan Increases Stove Efficiency
Warm air is circulated directly into the living area rather than having most of the stoves heat rise immediately to the ceiling, thereby increasing the heating effectiveness of the stove.

Ecofan Unique Blade Design
The unique anodised black coloured blade has been specifically designed to deliver a very broad cross section of gentle air movement instead of a small cone of concentrated air.

Ecofan Easy Operation
Ecofans start automatically and adjust speed with the stove's temperature. As the stove heats up the Ecofan runs faster to move more air into the room. As the stove burns down and cools, the Ecofan automatically slows down and stops.

Ecofan Costs Nothing to Operate
Because the Ecofan uses only the heat from the stove, it is the most economical way to effectively circulate the warm air. It does not plug in, uses no batteries, and can be used where there is no electricity.
All Ecofans are warranted to be free from any manufacturers defects in material and workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.

Should an Ecofan become defective or fail to operate under normal conditions within this 2 year period, you must in the first instance email ecofans@calfire.com advising which model you have; the serial number of your unit (found on the underside of the top casting); when and from where you purchased the item and details of the fault you are experiencing.

If subsequently instructed to return the item then this should be sent, with a copy of the warranty notification email and a copy of the original invoice or cash register slip, to the UK Ecofan distributor Calfire Spareline Ltd at the following address:

Calfire Spareline Ltd
LL14 5DG

Please note that you must email ecofans@calfire.com before returning any Ecofan to them.
Should the unit fail after the warranty period a full refurbishment service is available. Send your fan to the UK distributors Calfire at the following address:

Calfire Spareline Ltd.,
LL14 5DG.

Once received Calfire will produce a refurbishment report and quotation and forward this to you by email or post. If you are happy with the quotation you will be asked to provide your payment details and your Ecofan will then be refurbished. The fan will be tested prior to being returned.

Occasionally units that have been subjected to extreme heat will be beyond repair.

Should you decide not to proceed with the repair, or the fan is beyond repair, a small postage charge will be requested to pay for the fans return or the fan will be disposed of.

Refurbished units are covered for a full 1 year from the date you receive them back.

The refurbished unit warranty conditions are the same as for new units.

Customer Reviews

  Excellent  So simple take it out of the box and stand it on the stove - what could be easier? It does what the sales words says it will do! Just make sure the space is available to position it the fan. What could be easier?   (15/11/2013) Ken Barnes - Norfolk UK

  Supoerb!  Absolutely amazing product! Distributes heat evenly and effectively over the whole room rather than just near the stove! The temperature gauge we were sent with this is brilliant too, we now know the temperature of the stove and when is burning too hot or too cold!   (13/12/2013) Simon Isaacs -

    Very very pleased with Ecofan we purchased from you. Warms whole area.   (05/11/2012) Mr S Ellingham - Isle of Wight

  810 UltraAir Wood Stove Fan  exellent buy boosts the heat of the wood burner and make the room very cosy all round   (16/02/2013) clive - spain

  Ecofan 810   Brilliant product. We live in a traditional stone built charentaise house which has an open plan living area and is fab in the summer months but quite cold in winter and for the first time we can feel the heat from our wood burner into the dinning area. Much cosier than last winter.   (10/12/2014) frenchiemarilyn - Charente Maritime France

  ecofan 810 ultrair wood stove fan  i have been using the fan on top of my woodburner for just over a week now,what a brilliant little gadget-the heat it throws out is brilliant,i had my doubts but not anymore-buy one and see for yourself-great service from fluesystems/cannot fault the ecofan or the company,very happy   (10/10/2012) ERC - BURY

    Really did not believe how efficient it could be and what a difference it would make to the heat in the room. We have very high ceilings and, for the first time, we can use anywhere in the room and not just spend out time hugging the log burner!   (11/12/2012) -

  great product  because of limited headroom above our shall stove the eco fan could not be installed as per picture in instrutions. we have fastened it to the flue pipe which is to the rear of the stove. the space in the fire place gives plenty of air for cooling and blows the heat out into the room.   (09/04/2013) glyn stewart - huddersfield

  Worth every penny  Have now been able to try out on my Hunter stove, works perfectly and does do as it says, should have bought one earlier!   (31/12/2015) -

    Thanks for dsespatching my Eco fan so quickly. It works well, I am so happy with it.   (12/12/2012) Lynne Stanley - Worcester

Quick Look
Height 223 mm to top of blade excluding handle
Base 121 mm x 76 mm
Blade Diameter 200 mm
Weight 2 Kg

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