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Stove Accessories

A range of stove accessory products.

Ecofans Ecofans 
Ecofans are self powered stove top fans, which generate their power solely from the heat of your stove. They circulate the warm air from your stove, thereby increasing it's efficiency.
Stove Thermometers Stove Thermometers
Ensure your stove is operating at the correct temperature by using one of our magnetic thermometer that attach to your stove pipe or stove.
Stove Thermometers
Stove Glass Cleaner Stove Glass Cleaner
Stove glass cleaners are suitable for cleaning deposits and bringing back the shine on the glass of woodburners, solid fuel and multi fuel stoves, and glass fire screens.
Stove Glass Cleaner
Log Baskets Log Baskets
A range of of log baskets including a range of log baskets with wheels.
Log Baskets
Stove Paint Stove Paint
A high temperature aerosol paint with temperature resistance up to 650 degrees C.
Stove Paint
Fire Rope Fire Rope
Fire rope is used for sealing and jointing purposes where a temperature resistance is required. Commonly used when jointing flue systems and sealing stove doors etc.
Fire Rope
Fire Cement Fire Cement
Fire cement is used for jointing purposes where a high temperature resistance is required.
Fire Cement
Sealants and Caulking Compounds Sealants and Caulking Compounds
Sealants and caulking compounds specifically designed for high temperature situations. 
Sealants and Caulking Compounds
Stove Air Vents Stove Air Vents
A range of permanently open fresh air baffled vents as required for the installation of wood burning stoves. HETAS approved. BBA approved, Advantica tested.
Stove Air Vents
Carbon Monoxide Alarms Carbon Monoxide Alarms
All new stove installations now require that a carbon monoxide alarm is also installed in the room where the stove is sited.
Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Adhesive Tapes Adhesive Tapes
Aluminium foil tape and silver cloth duct tape available in either 50mm or 75mm widths.
Adhesive Tapes


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