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Chimney Flue Liner

Chimney flue liner is used to reline masonry chimney stacks. It is available as  a twin skin chimney liner for multi fuel use, or as a single skin chimney liner for use with gas or oil fired appliances.

Multi Fuel Chimney Liner

Multi Fuel Chimney Liner  
Twin skin flexible chimney flue liner
Available in 3 variations of stainless steel
Use with wood burning & multi fuel stoves
Use with open fires

Multi Fuel Chimney Liner
Gas Flue Liner

Gas Flue Liner 
Single skin flexible chimney flue liner
Manufactured in stainless steel grade 316
Use with gas fired appliances
Use with oil (up to 28 sec) appliances

Gas Flue Liner
Chimney Flue Liner Installation Guide Chimney Flue Liner Regulations Chimney Liner Gather Hoods


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